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You can’t learn passion

January 18th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Passion is not something you can learn. It’s not a programming language nor the latest development framework – you either have it or not. It’s the spark in the engine that pulls you towards achieving your dreams, no matter what form they take. And it keeps you standing and running even in the worst of times – when everyone simply accepts.

Passion is not something you can learn. And you can’t understand it, unless you feel it. Passion to think out of the established conventions, believing there’s a better way of doing everything, spending every single breath planning your next step. Dreaming.

You can’t learn passion.

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  1. August 27th, 2015 at 18:20 | #1

    There’s hope for us all then!

    …But dear Kosta, is passion always desirable?

    We all know what passion feels like… Even if some of us have forgotten, we were all passionate as children. We woke up in the morning and always knew what to do next. We were always always hungry and always foolish. Sounds great to me!

    But passion is not the only way to be happy; most say happiness occurs ‘in the moment’, when thinking is suspended and we feel the rush of acting without self analysis. Others achieve happiness in gratitude and mind control… Distracting oneself is not the only way to quiet your mind (read Eckhart Tollé!). And many more find that they cannot embrace negative emotion when they are simultaneously giving positivity to others.

    I would argue that true passion comes never without curiosity, which is why the young/poor/beginners are the true owners of unbridled passion. For the rest of us, we must embrace risk, surround ourselves with other passionate and interesting people (humans are beautifully unpredictable!), the young/insane/different, and try every day to inject a bit of our true selves into everything we do.

  2. March 25th, 2016 at 15:06 | #2

    Hey there Adam,

    I just went through all the pending approvals (haven’t really checked them for some time now), so apologies for the delay !

    Thanks for taking the time to write this, I really like it. I guess that as grown ups we can’t really experience true passion in the way an unexperienced and younger mind would. Probably with time you learn to balance mind control with passion in order to keep your mind at peace and at the same time produce quality and creative work and… still be happy. Yes, most certainly.

    But embracing risk and surrounding yourself with passionate people sounds like a good plan to me…

    Talk to you soon !

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